World War I

The Regimental Museum of Les Fusiliers Mont­-Royal is proud to present this virtual exhibit on the First World War.

This conflict, the most intense the world had seen at the time, began due to the Balkan peoples’ desire to break free from the domination of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The war was finally triggered by the murder, in 1914, of the heir of emperor Franz Joseph I by a Serbian student. Austria formed an alliance with Germany and invaded Serbia and Russia. Mutual assistance treaties led France, the United Kingdom, Italy and the United States to enter the war against Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey.

At the beginning of the Great War, in September 1914, the Regiment was not mobilised, and would not be until September 1916, when they would become the 150th Battalion of the Carabiniers Mont-Royal. Soon after the call to action, they headed for Great Britain. The period between 1914-1916 was very busy, since the Regiment supplied reinforcements for many battalions, including the 14th, 69th, 150th, 163rd, the 178th and, most noteworthy, the 22nd Battalion canadien-français – a unit which preceded the regiment of the same name.

It is to Colonel Arthur Migneault, the Regimental Doctor of the 65th, that we owe the founding of the 22nd and the 150th Battalions, as he funded the sums required for their establishment from his own pocket. Furthermore, it is important to understand that 75% of the soldiers of the 22nd Battalion originated from the ranks of the Carabiniers Mont-Royal. This would allow the Fusiliers Mont-Royal to include the honours bestowed upon the brave combatants of the 22nd Battalion on their flags.

The Regimental museum is therefore very proud to present this exhibit.

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