History of the Museum

Following the request of General Jacques Dextraze, commander of the Canadian Armed Forces and former commander of this regiment, LCol. Étienne LaRoche, commander of the regiment, appointed LCol. Gilles Bissonnette as curator of the museum in early 1977. LCol. Gilles Bissonnette had served as commander of the regiment from 1972 to 1975.

Thanks to the tireless devotion and zeal of a few regiment alumni, such as Brigadier General Guy Gauvreau, Colonel John H. Roy, and Sergeant major Angello Catelli, the regiment succeeded in founding its museum, which aims to present the highlights of the Fusiliers Mont-Royal’s history. The museum has been accredited and officially recognized by the Directorate of History and Heritage of the National Defence.

The museum officially opened on April 1st 1977, on the occasion of a regimental dinner for the retirement of General Jacques Dextraze, then Chief of the Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces. Our friend Gilles Bissonnette is no longer with us, but the museum still is, and the memory of its founder will remain in perpetuity.

N.B.: Many museum pieces have been donated by the families of Fusiliers to the Fondation or Association des Fusiliers Mont-Royal (1961) Inc. These pieces represent the history of the sacrifices made by members of the regiment for the Québécois and Canadian collectivity.

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