Le Club des Officiers Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal

Founded by LCol. Jean Chaput O.B.E., E.D., the club includes many former officers, who meet once a month. Its goal consists of providing the current Commander with tangible support, to help him ensure the continuity of the Regiment, its history and its traditions.


The Club des Officiers Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal is a fraternal organism which unites officers from every generation of Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal. The Club was established in 1957 and its founding president was Lieutenant Colonel Jean E. Chaput, O.B.E., E.D., former commander of the regiment.

Recently, the Club has begun accepting as members all officers serving or having served in one of the three branches of the Canadian Armed Forces or other Allied forces. The Club also administers the group of honorary members of the Mess des Officiers Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal. These members participate in every event thrown by the Club.

As of 2014, the Club has 150 members in total. The Club hosts suppers, and members also gather together around Christmastime for the Governors’ Cocktail. Many other activities, such as golf tournaments, occur throughout the year.

Members are encouraged to participate in regimental life and receive invitations to commemorative or historical ceremonies. A committee of Club members also regularly visits hospitalized veterans. The Club has financed several activities linked to regimental life.


Tuesday December 16th 2008

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