L’association Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal (1961) Inc.

A nonprofit organization, the Association FMR aims to preserve the rights and interests conceded to it by the Department of National Defence in 1910 concerning the property and use of the armoury.

In 1869, the Government of Canada authorized the creation of the 65th Battalion, the Mount-Royal Rifles, now known as Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal. In 1909, friends and members of the regiment decided to erect their own armoury in order to be united as a family.

The government at the time did not fund these types of buildings, and the regiment appealed to the general public in order to amass nearly three quarters of the necessary capital. The association then appealed to the federal authorities and obtained the remaining sum needed to finish construction.

Since its creation in 1909, the Association FMR has had the mandate of ensuring that the rights and interests accorded to it by the Department of National Defence in a notarised contract are upheld. It is also the guardian of the regimental heritage, including the armoury, the museum, the Fondation, the Club des Officiers, and all furniture and equipment used by these institutions.

The Association is not accountable to any type of military authority, but only to its members, who are the former commanders and officers of the regiment. This status allows it to maintain contact with both civil and military authorities, and to discuss with them the solution to any problem that may occur in relation to the armoury.

For more information on the Association, please contact us at associationfmr@lesfusiliersmont-royal.com.

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